Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finally, Snow!

We finally got some snow today.

Because I worked from home yesterday and today I felt the need to go out.

Plus I like to smugly walk to the light rail and go places when it's too awful out to drive.

It's a thing with me.

Not to mention the fact that the Mall of America was going to be empty.  I knew it would be.

And I had a hankering for ribs :D

Here is what I'm working on in addition to the blankie ...  First, a pair of socks for DIL:

Another pair for me (I won the yarn at the annual Drunken Knit Night party):

And the Sister Syster.  It's a wonderful color and the stitch definition is great.  I'm not sure it's an ideal yarn for the pattern but it will be functional enough and very pretty:

That's it.  Just going to sit back and enjoy the winter wonderland now.

Monday, February 1, 2016

What Is Happening? Where Are We Going?

And what are we doing in this hand basket?

Politics just continues to get stranger and stranger.  I used to be interested in all of it.  Not so much any more.   Lucky for me, it seems I can afford to move to San Jose, Costa Rica or Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I think I can work remotely from either.   I will investigate further as the need arises ...

The blankie progresses slowly.  I've used a kitchen scale to determine I need about 2 grams - maybe just a bit more depending upon the yarn - for a square.  I'm still kind of addicted.  

I also have the Sister Syster going and two socks OTN but I forgot to take photos.  

Maybe next time.  I think I will have to queue up lots of stuff on Netflix, look at the news as little as possible and bury myself in knitting until November.  And then maybe move.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wooly Musings on a Very Cold Weekend

Progress on my leftover sock yarn throw/blankie is being made, although I did the math and I'm laughing at myself because I was thinking it's been going pretty well ... Per my measurements, I'll want it to be about 30x24 squares; that's 720 squares total. I have done 32 so far.  

Progress is progress, right?

The Sister Syster progresses too, although it's not as sexy as the blankie.

I don't remember if I showed my grandkid Christmas knitting before or not.  At any rate, here are the things knit with children added:

Ear Flap Baby Hat for the baby.

Barley Hat for The-Boy-Who-Loves-Purple.

Pixie hat for either one - it ended up less pointy than expected, but I suppose it works.

Socks for TBWLP (note the blue adult foot in the upper right, also in a sock knit by Yours Truly).

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goals for 2016

I'm not making resolutions this year. My approach is to set goals. Modest ones.

First goal - the quarterly knitting challenge set up by Rose the Gypsy.

One project per quarter, in any order.  Use stash yarn and leftovers as much as possible.
  • One project to be something you've always wanted to make, but never have.  
  • One project to be made using a technique (not a pattern) learned in a class.
  • One project to be something you've made before but with a different treatment this time.
  • One project to be knitter's choice.
Back in 2004 I took a knitting class at The Yarnery, taught by Shelly Kang.  Shelly was working on a blanket made of leftover sock yarn.  She eventually made the blanket and even won the sweepstakes at the Minnesota State Fair.  She is the reason I make socks and, by extension the reason I have lots of leftover sock yarn.  Although I have given away a lot of the odds and ends, I can manage to make at least a throw with what I have on hand.

The blanket can qualify for the technique learned in a class or for something I've always wanted to make.  I may or may not finish it this year, but at least I've started.

I also started a Sister Syster in a beautiful purple Araucania.   At this point I'm not sure how much progress will be made as I seem to be obsessed with the blankie right now.

Second goal:  The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge for 2016  I was invited to join in a group on Facebook and I'm diving in.

First book:  The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood, received as a gift from Boy-child's girlfriend. 

That's it for now.  I'm going to take it easy this year.  Auntie's townhouse should be on the market soon, so I'll be able to wrap up her estate.   Maybe I'll set more goals as the year progresses.  Maybe not.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Did I mention I was in Tampa for a couple of days? It was really hot there.  The work part went well and then I had lunch with an Auntie who lives in the area before my flight home yesterday.

I had a nice view from my room.

When I had a break from work I sat here and knit.

I finished a scarf made from a lovely alpaca yarn right before I left.

It's soft and will be very warm.

And I knit most of a sock whilst in Tampa.

Flight delays are no big deal for a knitter :)