Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nana Duty

I got extra Nana-Anna duty last week. Girl-child needed a little help while DIL was away at camp (The Girls run Camp Quest and her attendance was necessary).

We went to the Sculpture Garden on Monday after work.  This place has always been one of my favorite cheap dates; I used to go regularly when Girl-Child and Boy-Child were little.

The week only got hotter and hotter, so by Friday we were seeking indoor activities.  Midtown Global Market has it all - food, a play area and music for dancing.

Saturday morning it was the usual:  Midtown Farmers Market.  The entomology students were there from the U of M.  There were big caterpillars to pet.

And hissing cockroaches from Madagascar.

Little Boy had lots of fun and earned a Junior Scientist sticker.

This grandma gig is exhausting but fun :-D

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've been walking about.  We're doing that thing at work, where you are supposed to walk 10,000 steps per day.  I've been trying to have fun whilst I walk.

If you haven't been to the MIA for the Leonardo exhibit, The Codex Leicester, I would encourage you to go. It's Leonardo with crochet. Really, I kid you not.

And BTW, there's a new guy at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 

One must not get too high and mighty with the highbrow art, imho.  I'll call this photo, "Self-portrait with dinosaur."

And I love what they do with those boxes - I don't know if they're electrical boxes in general or just for the semaphores, but they're dressed up pretty nice, even in the shoddy parts of town.

An African-American woman was railing against the East African immigrants as we waited for the bus.  I did not take her bait.

Tonight I happened by the Weisman Museum on the University campus just at the right moment, when the sun was hitting it.

At home the succulents and moss roses are thriving on the balcony.

Friday, July 10, 2015

On Color Therapy and Flags

Aqua seems to be the color of the season. In April I purchased mink yarn in a beautiful shade of aqua. I also purchased a sweatshirt and sheets in the same color this spring.

Perhaps aqua has a special, soothing appeal to offset mourning.

I continue to walk around Lake of the Isles.  It's amazing how the combination of things changing through the seasons and the area covered on a three mile walk (even if taken every day) means that daily discoveries are always possible.

Like this weird concavity in one of the trees.

I had a student on the phone today who lives in South Carolina.  She said she is 63 years old, and that she has seen it all.

"Today," she said, "is a great day in South Carolina."

I told her that it is a great day in Minnesota too.  And just for the record, that flag has been up for 54 years not out of respect for the fallen in a war that ended over 100 years ago.  It went up during the Civil Rights movement for a reason, and it's about time it came down.

Back to color therapy; I got a pair of purple ballet flats this week.

I am knitting a pair of purple socks (Christmas knitting has begun).

And also in knitting, I finished a Baby Sophisticate jacket for a former co-worker who is due in September.

Ok, well, to be honest the buttons are not sewn on yet, but I'm pretty much done.

I also started a secret birthday gift tonight at Drunken Knit Night.  Let's hope I can keep it under wraps until November ;-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Everyday

I took a walk down Lake Street the other day. My goal was to read all the historical signs that I pass by when I walk around. Turns out there weren't very many of them on my route that day, but I did read all of the ones I passed (between my place and the Dairy Queen on 44th).

This spot has been languishing for a while. I hope something gets done with it eventually.  Or that it gets better graffiti.

And I've always loved these blocks.  I don't know what they're called, but I remember them from basements as a kid, and a fancy bathroom remodel I saw once at a home on Lake Minnetonka.

I took some cloud pictures at Lake of the Isles the other day.  I suppose I should join the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Today after work I went to the American Swedish Institute with Girl-child, DIL and the pseudo-grandkids.

Everyone had fun.

It's a great museum and there's a good exhibit on right now about guitars.

Finally, I spotted this woman with an unusual lunch bag whilst waiting for the train this morning.  I do love a person with a sick sense of humor :-D

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hooray for the Everyday!

Just hanging out, getting used to the new normal.

Isn't it funny how kids can always find fun activities, even in a condo with limited space?  I can only hope they like visiting Nana Anna's house.

The lake continues to be a place of refuge.  I even got to walk around Isles yesterday with Girl-child, alone.  Time to talk is so rare now that there are children around.

I discovered some treasures at Riverside station yesterday.  They seem to be made of pots and pans.

I love finding stuff like this around town - especially in the more down-trodden parts of town.

And speaking of the old 'hood, they're building more apartments near Cedar Square West (or whatever it's called now).  I'm dying to see if they're subsidized or luxury or something in between.

I'm hoping to take this weekend off as far as Auntie's estate.  What to do, what to do ....  Maybe I'll go floor shopping and make a final decision.  I had second thoughts the other day and have started considering terrazzo.  Will I ever get this project done?!?